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Journey Christian Academy

A dedicated mission towards academic excellence and spiritual devotion.

Where Faith Meets Family, and Community Thrives

Our History

Journey Church, founded in 2010, has grown from a park gathering to a community cornerstone, now expanding with Journey Christian Academy, reflecting its dedication to service and unity.

Core Beliefs

Rooted in the Bible, we believe in one God in three persons and salvation through Jesus Christ, emphasizing a life led by the Holy Spirit towards eternal unity with Christ!

Spiritual Devotion & Academic Excellence

Journey Christian Academy¬† isn’t just a school, we’re a partnership with families and local Myrtle Beach organizations, dedicated to providing an education that’s rich in scriptural teachings and academic excellence. Imagine a place where every lesson is an opportunity for growth, both academically and spiritually, preparing our students not just for the next test, but for life’s tests.

In our Christ-centered environment, students explore and develop their unique gifts, talents, and skills. With a deep respect for family, church, community, and country, we aim to foster collective growth and lay a foundation for success in college, trade school, and beyond.

Cropped shot of elementary school girls getting help from their teacher in the classroom
Teacher and children in art class

Our Leaders